Next auction scheduled for June 18th, 2016.

My 26th Sale will be June 18, 2016, and consists of 1,138 lots, all Mexico. It may be my most impressive.

There is strength in all of the classics but especially the Eagles where there are many of the top rarities - unique items of the highest importance.

Revolution is also very strong, Sonora especially.

The Modern includes many excellent items including strong Officials.

Stationery and revenues are well-represented this time, and as always there is a good literature section. Dealers and collectors both will find a great many large lots which offer wonderful bargains.

So everyone from beginner to the most advanced specialist should be able to find lots that will fit their interest. Participating is fun and easy. And where else will you find $300,000-$400,000 worth of Mexican philatelic material available? Please take advantage of this exceptional opportunity.

You can view a few highlights from this sale while you wait for the auction!

Since 1989, many of the finest specialized collections of Mexico have been sold through Nicholas Follansbee auctions. These sales are not frequent, but they are always major events. The average sale offers over $200,000 worth of Mexican stamps, covers, group lots, philatelic books and historical documents, with lots appropriate for everyone from the novice to the most advanced specialist. The descriptions and presentation are crafted with care, knowledge and accuracy, and the catalogs are both handsomely produced and highly informative - the type that remains in the library for reference after the sale is long over. For me, philately is not "just business" - it is a passion. The same care is given to every aspect of the auction process.

If you are not receiving Follansbee auction catalogues, request to be added to the mailing list. Don't miss the opportunity to participate.

Consign For Auction

Suppose you have a major collection of Mexico and you're ready to sell. You could give it to a European auction company that will take a higher commission and a bigger bite out of the buying power of the participants (taxes, high buyer's premium, travel or agent expenses). You could give it to a big general auction house in the U.S. that knows or cares little about Mexico and will give it to hired help to process (with uneven results). You could sell it outright, but even assuming you know someone who's rich enough to buy the whole thing, who is going to give top dollar for anything other than the select items they actually want? The odds are heavily against a favorable outcome. You could sell off some of the better pieces - that's usually easier. But those are not only the ones that would probably bring record prices in an auction but they are also what will lend excitement to the whole collection and make its sale an event.

Auction is your best option, and if you are going to auction your collection:

No one does it better than Follansbee

I've collected Mexico since 1968, have been a professional philatelist for over 25 years and have run my own auction business since 1989. I know the business, and I know Mexican stamps. I wrote the handbook on the Revolution and the specialized catalog for the 19th Century. My auction catalogs are meticulously produced with descriptions that are detailed and authoritative. The black and white illustrations are the best in the business, and color is available for properties of high value (see my sale #8 catalog for color that is realistic - not the muddy and over-saturated work one sees all too often). I attend to every detail myself with care and with a passion for Mexican philately.

Catalogue of Mexico, 1856-1910

Starting early October 2014 the new 2015 edition of "A Catalogue of the Stamps of Mexico, 1856-1910" is available for $52 postpaid in the U.S. and $65 postpaid elsewhere. Lots of price changes among the rarer stamps. There is also a section on cover pricing which is a new feature.

Clients in Mexico will probably find it more convenient and cheaper to buy their copy from Fernando Perez-Maldonado and should contact him at fernandopema at for specifics. He will post within Mexico so you will not have an "aduana" issue to contend with.

After first being published in 1998, the Follansbee Catalogue quickly became established as the standard reference, quoted by dealers, collectors and auction companies internationally. The 2nd edition, which I think was a significant improvement over the first, appeared at the end of 2001. The third edition was published in 2007.

The catalogue is about 135 pages and lists over 4,000 varieties, all priced in dollars. Typically, the listings for a classical issue begin with a "generic" listing of stamps with and without overprint, followed by multiples, errors, plate varieties, splits and, finally, a listing of used stamps by district. There are many notes throughout, including information on reprints and forgeries. Everything is designed for ease of use and for presenting a maximum of information as clearly and concisely as possible. The value and reliability of the information is the result of input from many of the most respected experts on the various issues as well as my own research and close involvement with the market as an auctioneer specializing in Mexico.

This essential tool is available for $52 post paid within the U.S. and for $65 abroad. Simply send a check to Nicholas Follansbee at the address below.

Nicholas Follansbee

P.O. Box 3210

Ashland, OR 97520

Phone: (541) 772-8871

Please leave your name and number loud and clear and I will get back to you.