Nicholas Follansbee Philatelic Sales

Sale 24 Highlights

Reno, Nevada, October 26, 2013

#1 1856 IXTLAHUACA MARAVATIO 1856 8r quadrisect
(more pretty than expensive).


CHIHUAHUA 2 reales Eagle cover
- one of two recorded.


RIO FLORIDO 2 reales Eagle Issue cover.


The unique 50c MIER district
- a highlight of the Stout Collection.
Block of 5 pesos Scott 228
- probably unique.


Inverted $2.50 GPM surcharge (Scott 607a)
- only a few have been found.
#590 block. Only 200 were printed so the block is very rare.


20 Pesos University Airmail (C61) block. A rare 500 pesos revenue of 1902.

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